She Came in Through The Broken Arrow

  The energy is my breath  that skates along wonders of the earth, It speaks the houses in character, And brings graciousness as it returns, To my lungs, to fill me up, and… Continue reading


I think I’m crazy, but how would I know, how I break down the symbols, and return real slow; My mind is a field, and the words are the blooms,  I scatter in… Continue reading

Who is He? 

He is everyday with the wind and the space of my thoughts,  dancing round barriers of enchanted storytelling,  watching our names burn through the page as fire,  He is the whisper of silence… Continue reading

Ears Up

A guest is a person you meet on the way, To the epicenter of gifts on display, A person is a blessing,  A creed of its word, A being is a person, Born… Continue reading


We call it poetry, We call it farace, We call it Love floating around distant givers in bars. We pick up the call, We pick up the Tab, We call it connection, because,… Continue reading

Around The Bodhi Tree, Verses of A Mirror

Part one of me, myself, remembers past intention. I receive what I am, and I sow of what is given. Organically speaking, I shall ramble on through; pardon my bluntness, but the truth… Continue reading

Welcome, This is A Wheelhouse

Written at pre-show benefit for The Mockingbird Foundation & The Waterwheel Foundation on 12/30/2016 at MSG NYC There is a foundation that ebbs and flies, With the intention of signaling motive within tribe,… Continue reading

*Edit in The Cart

I am here,  I am Alice,  A vision of a tear,  That is alive, That is vacant of fear, I am you, I am me, I am all reprocussive Not a theme, I… Continue reading

Spoken Truism

“The dream falls in heavy on the brink of an early rising moon. The day, soaked in envy for a child fed glory by a spoon, Feeling and open and certain to be,… Continue reading

Whoooo are you?

Underground is the sport that gives, the game the name of reporting shives, Above the trance of forlorn eyes, Is the foam that must choice in disguise, Thank you in all, and thank… Continue reading