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A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. V

The motion of joy is the choreographer of my soul. Once open to arriving, I had no need to visualize a door. For, like the butter, I could not believe that I was… Continue reading

Will, Son!

Radiant is thou,  wafting through the forest; I remember the time we pranced around fellow tourists.   I judge when I live, so I think while I breathe. I dislike a taste for… Continue reading

The Autumn [Winter] Queen

Creation of space,  Creation of sound,  Creation of who,  Creation of now,  Relation to me, the birds see how.  Look into the eyes of a forgotten frown.  Welcome to Pleasantview,  Welcome to noise, … Continue reading

8 on Tour, 11 on Shore

I stood inside a moment,  where people just walked by—  They ignored my presence,  as if I was in disguise—  • I seek minds of reflection,  and tell of, they rhyme. • I… Continue reading

Bertha ☬

Jumping of my bones  From the sands I left behind,  From the seconds  Cloaked in dusty spells  I swear I could define.    Rite by write,  I took the letters  that fell into… Continue reading

Hide [Cc: Rider]

The truth runs with my blood, trots with horses in open fields, caresses the slick skin of an animal deep in the sea.  No one really sees it, my condolences continue to graze… Continue reading

Oxen & Buffalo

May we treat with sacred medicine.  To out as mind that is to open— To receiving and forgiving the as of assumption.  Fill up my cup with retreatment and knowledge to trust fate… Continue reading

New M o o n in Virgo

I focus my intentions on manifesting destiny.  I remember, I remember – – What clarity my eyes can see; I am fruitful in my efforts, and forgive all happening of thee.  I put… Continue reading


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Channel 11, Parallel News

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