We’re Trippin’ Over Tiffany Sayers’ New Single

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Tiffany Sayers’ single “Trippin’ Over You” is upbeat with a fresh funky vibe. Her singing is cool and casual, enticing us to listen more. With strong bass notes and a catchy melody, Tiffany shows us just how strong her musicality is through this rhythmically driven song. 

“Trippin’ Over You” is a modern pop hit that has some disco elements. From the start, it had me bouncing my shoulders back and forth, ready to dance. This is definitely a song I would want to hear at a club or as a pep-up song with the girls. “Trippin’ Over You” also has major edm remix potential (attention producers, call dibs!) 

In-fact, in the second half, some 808 bass sounds create a half tempo breakdown feel, as Tiffany Sayers’ vocals stay smooth and sultry throughout the entire song. She has an inviting tone with subtle 90’s R&B notes, and her style is contemporary sexy pop which is unique to the mainstream realm of music right now. This song is super radio-ready and sticks out for its originality. 

Sayers is soulful and brings spunk to the pop music genre. Since melody is anchored by the relationship of the bass notes and the guitar riffs, the song starts and finishes strong. “Trippin’ Over You” has actually been on my playlist for a few weeks now. I first heard Tiffany’s music about a month ago via her song “One Day”, so I am super thrilled to hear this new single of her’s released on January 14, 2021. Bop along with us to “Trippin’ Over You”!

Inquiries: BSquaredMGMT@gmail.com

Instagram: @tiffanysayers

Check out the song here:

Listen to it on the TPOK blog playlist: 

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