karmic jams, pt. II

Dripping from the barriers of seconds inspected with tries, Building from the letters of sounds that dance around with lies.

Moments float to femurs and femurs climb the trees, Mothers spinning words in quote to suffocate dis ease.

Eyelashes depart from the spot set to live, Legs grow upon them and the Humans begin to give.

They place weights on my eyelids and force down my sight, They place air in my thoughts and make me gasp for a melee filled fight.

Confusion takes the place where constructors labeled breathe, They took smiles from my vault and surrendered my mouth to grieve.

They put thoughts in my blood and fed my ears lies. They put hours on my clock of all events grown to despise.

They surrounded my throat with hands of help, but help runs to shadows when Truth gets up off the shelf.

Consciousness slowly peeks out my nose, as They begin to sing hymns of love and hymns filled with mind melting creeds.

It steps out to the light and dives in too low. It opens up my follicles plastered with scripted foes.

Ice grips the feet of a Summer approaching. White melts to past times [pastimes], as you use me and dispose of…

Plans talk to children, of them I can’t see, Hands talk to mouths of a life set free!

Written with the tips of your knuckle, You begin to believe, but frames turn to edits, and I watch as your actions make my thinking succeed.

When words begin to fumble, and seconds don’t make sense, I realize Time has handed me moments to reverse that I exist, I stand as I stumble and I march as I walk, because I need an answer to my solution and you forgot to knock!!

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