A Series of Self: Kendra, pt. II

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Half & Half

I allow space to relax. I allow space to grow. I am thankful for this allowance.   I bask in your love. I bathe in your admiration. I drip the honey of muse.… Continue reading

The Long and Winding Path

Many people say, take the path of least resistance, and I have to say to a certain degree, I agree.  A lesson that really sunk into my thick skull recently was the lesson… Continue reading


I always dream with you. Right here. So, it’s pedestrian. • Picking me up on lots of questions. • You show me your journal And I say I want more air.

That’s the way

The way of the shaman Magic in theory in practice of holster Archaic revival The clan of the cave bear

The Politics of — Book Release

  “The Politics of” is Kendra Muecke’s first book release. Drawing from ten years of writing material beginning at the age of 14, this 338 page coffee table book combines creativity with metaphysical… Continue reading

LIVE @: A Summertime Trip to The Big Apple

[Travel Writing, by Kendra Muecke. Phish Concert Series, The Baker’s Dozen, Summer 2017, Madison Square Garden, NYC]. I woke up quite groggy, confused on transmissions — Where was I headed today? Why had… Continue reading

Sleepy as Pancake

Geometric are the angles that coordinate the  cheese of said mind. I prance along closer, but have forgotten my next line— It was an uncertainty within the age of reason. It was me… Continue reading

Moaning for Isolation

Disney is a hoax. Taking replicated redemptions Of magical stories And selling them back to Society as fairytale.

Sundae, Mundane

You make me feel like bread, when you cut me up. You tear me into slices, and feed me to ducks.