when the circus comes to town

Thought I saw your name

etched up on my tree,

Looped in sweet conjecture,

spelling along with me.


of my own accord,

transmuting pause

along the shore.

and yet an offer to move on,

and yet to linger seemed choice strong.

until that day you waved

that I was on my way

into the oars ahead

my ears tell truth of said. •


An offer to the lawn,

surmise my justice

with the gone.

An, off her shallow rocker,

A steady clocked discographer

into the open key (Qi),

a curtain in the breeze.

Then Layla in her grunge

absorbing care as sponge.

Guess it was just a hunch,

a stall in stretching lunge.

and yet an offer to be known,

viewed in jetty of placing

big top capstone.


An offer to move on,

The contrast

of validating all I long.

Guess it more than hunch as

I am fated scripted lunch.

Reaching across shared flame,

“What are you thinking about today?” •



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