Puppet Act

With intentions to help,

I do nothing but kill.

I fill up with air,

and give up my ability to feel. •

I forget about reality,

I forget about trust,

I tell you I am sorry,

I am so very sorry,

I must.

I’ve let go of your hand,

I’ve come to terms with our bond,

I’ve forgotten what it is like

to just lay freely on the lawn.

I want to sink my eyes deep into the red,

I want to stay perched forever at the end of your bed.

I want to cut yesterday

and aid it with tomorrow,

I want to stand up

and stop the senseless follow,

because around here you stand alone,

if at all!

And once you’ve reached average,

You’re bound to get caught in the Fall.

I’ve tripped, I’ve missed, •

I’ve lost tract of direction (all ways), •

I’ve hit, I’ve kissed and held hands with deception.

So read my words back and then forth,

and I’ll swallow them whole with a spoon;

I’ll be forced to sit by the window

and constantly recall early afternoons.

I’ve given up!

I’ve let go!

I’ve forgot my ambition!

I’ve set out and decided to fool with correction!

So listen, just once, if you hear me at all,

Don’t mess with the sun,

You’re locked in a house of dolls.

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