Freak Power

This whole time, I've been thinking about what HST would be writing throughout this time at home. He'd call this a well-timed fiasco, dim the lights & bring in the drones. A true comrade. Freak-power for life. Good ole American. Shootin' beer cans in his backyard. The land of the free. The home of the… Continue reading Freak Power

The Year was 2045

"New laws state that you cannot leave your house if it's raining. New statistics suggest that rain makes your clothes wet. Here is billionaire expert, Doc Greedy, owner of HAARP Weather Modification Systems and main-stakeholder in Hane's Linens. Today, Doc is urging Americans to go buy as many pairs of underwear as possible... Before the… Continue reading The Year was 2045

when the circus comes to town

Thought I saw your name etched up on my tree, Looped in sweet conjecture, spelling along with me. Decidedly of my own accord, transmuting pause along the shore. and yet an offer to move on, and yet to linger seemed choice strong. until that day you waved that I was on my way into the… Continue reading when the circus comes to town

About the Coy in Hues Standard

She is the Bluest of roses and truthful to me. The Vivre to my Axel  of guttural Joie. She’s like the sound-wave  that caresses thought, Fills me with melodies and reminds me of dreams forgot. She’s like the trust I place in composer to play the hand instead of fold her. Like a letter I… Continue reading About the Coy in Hues Standard

field notes: slanted poetry, tales of provoken sound

{ 'Tis to be a flower, and so exact. Allowed to be alive and filled with fact - and once upon a theme, I found -- the craft - To be, To be, To be, Softly found on the brink of budding endeavors, whilst being two themes. } ___________________ Poem from book: “The Politics of”… Continue reading field notes: slanted poetry, tales of provoken sound


STRAY GOLDEN There’s tragedy in the breakdown but foundation in my fingers. Moving up & down, transposed conversation, in the faith that decidedly lingers. The hues are clueing action and the traction tells of focal laymen, painted gold in dandelion amid exaggerated reason. The liberation of prosperous blessing stacks around ollied walls, and the movement… Continue reading STRAY GOLDEN

Eye Movement Reprogramming in Value of R.E.M ☰☲☱☲☰

And with my freedom bound in quick-wit and mirrored possessions, I carved etchings on stonewall. Must be something I can do when the taming gets bleak. When the love I seek, hears my valved skull, I go tourniquet in the knees. Removal of raven from tangled nest, led by carefully placed breadcrumbs back to its… Continue reading Eye Movement Reprogramming in Value of R.E.M ☰☲☱☲☰

“of Always” EP by Kendra & the Bunnies

🌜friday • sept. 6🌛 streaming on a platform near you • 🌑 of Always • a balanced sound betwixt lament & an ode to hope • signed, the muse in the moon 🌕 follow me on your selected platform 🧞‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️ • . ✶⚡︎ album art by @harmoniclight ⚡︎✶ #EP #NewMusic #IndieMusic #Streaming #Artist #SingerSongwriter #Original… Continue reading “of Always” EP by Kendra & the Bunnies