“New laws state that you cannot leave your house if it’s raining. New statistics suggest that rain makes your clothes wet. Here is billionaire expert, Doc Greedy, owner of HAARP Weather Modification Systems and main-stakeholder in Hane’s Linens. Today, Doc is urging Americans to go buy as many pairs of underwear as possible… Before the rain comes this season. Doc Greedy’s company is heading up the initiative to create a giant umbrella between us and the clouds. What the people can’t see, they can’t vote for, ’cause there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…”

The year was 2045.
I thought they wouldn’t lock us away again after the debacle in 2020. Instead they found out the key was programming through the mainstream media. Why had we handed them the keys to our own subconscious? How could we? Fear.

It turns out they made it into a seasonal fiasco. God help us when Fall becomes Winter. The days all look the same now.

By then, we had been divided from within. It was about who was right, not who was telling the truth or aiding with compassion. I remember seeing a young girl get in a box-out altercation with the local farmer’s market attendee. The young girl was wearing a shirt that said, “How are we going to grow when there is no rain?” It struck the farmer’s market attendant in the heart, for she knew that the rain wasn’t halting; it was being blocked to be re-sold to other countries at a higher price.

It may be time for you to read the manifesto in my first book “The Politics of”… Guess where you aren’t hearing new ideas that benefit the people at large…? The mainstream media. Remember, indie art serves a purpose… Underground music, newspapers, books…

Instead of being force fed, choose your own meal. There is a whole menu with choices for everyone.


*References: “The Politics of” by Kendra Muecke

Available at Barnes & Noble

Signed Copies Here


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