The Year was 2045

"New laws state that you cannot leave your house if it's raining. New statistics suggest that rain makes your clothes wet. Here is billionaire expert, Doc Greedy, owner of HAARP Weather Modification Systems and main-stakeholder in Hane's Linens. Today, Doc is urging Americans to go buy as many pairs of underwear as possible... Before the… Continue reading The Year was 2045

About the Coy in Hues Standard

She is the Bluest of roses and truthful to me. The Vivre to my Axel  of guttural Joie. She’s like the sound-wave  that caresses thought, Fills me with melodies and reminds me of dreams forgot. She’s like the trust I place in composer to play the hand instead of fold her. Like a letter I… Continue reading About the Coy in Hues Standard


STRAY GOLDEN There’s tragedy in the breakdown but foundation in my fingers. Moving up & down, transposed conversation, in the faith that decidedly lingers. The hues are clueing action and the traction tells of focal laymen, painted gold in dandelion amid exaggerated reason. The liberation of prosperous blessing stacks around ollied walls, and the movement… Continue reading STRAY GOLDEN

TABBED Thoughts: Monday, 8/12, Vail, CO.

Trey Anastasio Band: Review & Interpretation By Kendra Muecke Venue: Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater  Vail, Colorado 2 Nights: Monday, August 12 & Tuesday, August 13 Night 1: Monday, August 12, Set 1. It was like vivid colored passion through the night. I felt, “I must be falling”, so I pushed back and through, changed my… Continue reading TABBED Thoughts: Monday, 8/12, Vail, CO.

Giant’s Steps or Gitalong Road?

[Please see Trail Map for Details]   Standing at the top of the ledge and I’m looking down. I can see the way to the bottom,  as this face is  steeping me in renditions  of heard regards and pronunciations  of leveed trance.   The horns pulled at my eyelids, my pupils  become student body; a… Continue reading Giant’s Steps or Gitalong Road?