Giant’s Steps or Gitalong Road?

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[Please see Trail Map for Details]


Standing at the top of the ledge

and I’m looking down.

I can see the way to the bottom, 

as this face is 

steeping me in renditions 

of heard regards

and pronunciations 

of leveed trance.


The horns pulled at

my eyelids,

my pupils 

become student body;

a prostration of

turned on condensations.


It’s okay,

if it rains while I’m going over

the final run;

she’s groomed & ready to be tread on.


And I’m looking down,

as I’m steeping my wharfed

recollections in mapped dogma—

not a leash in sight.


Just my toes in the water

& my ukulele.

It’s another day at Gore Creek. 

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