About the Coy in Hues Standard

She is the Bluest of roses and truthful to me. The Vivre to my Axel  of guttural Joie. She’s like the sound-wave  that caresses thought, Fills me with melodies and reminds me of dreams forgot. She’s like the trust I place in composer to play the hand instead of fold her. Like a letter I… Continue reading About the Coy in Hues Standard


STRAY GOLDEN There’s tragedy in the breakdown but foundation in my fingers. Moving up & down, transposed conversation, in the faith that decidedly lingers. The hues are clueing action and the traction tells of focal laymen, painted gold in dandelion amid exaggerated reason. The liberation of prosperous blessing stacks around ollied walls, and the movement… Continue reading STRAY GOLDEN

“Project Non-Arch”, pg. 19

Like Thoreau, I feel I took myself into the Wood. In my daydreams to come, I am covered in leaves and singing out loud. I am chanting a beat I am crafting with sound. Filled with the Heart of profound generosity, I reveal vulnerable characteristics that are the me composing. I also see the servitude… Continue reading “Project Non-Arch”, pg. 19