This whole time, I’ve been thinking about what HST would be writing throughout this time at home. He’d call this a well-timed fiasco, dim the lights & bring in the drones.

A true comrade. Freak-power for life. Good ole American. Shootin’ beer cans in his backyard.

The land of the free. The home of the brave. Take what you please, but God Bless, not from me. This land is my land. This land is your land. However, it is OUR’s over THEIR’S. Lips whisper, “We the People…”

And Lord, forgive us in origin from those who we took this land from… We have tall orders to fill and big shoes to walk around in. We set out on a journey to create the American Dream. Holdfast, steadfast, the wind blows through and carries us to a spirited parade of wheel and diamond. Where we may forgive ourselves and those who trespassed against us.

Heed the sails.

Mind the sales.

Own yourself.

Mine your truth,

it is unique to you.


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