I watched a video this afternoon describing the trope of the ‘dumb blonde’. Makes me feel all that more relevant. Shucks, intelligent. A character who manifests throughout the decades – growing from silverscreen stereotype to glowing gal next door to more. More than a bombshell or a joke-worthy corner-stone to be moved around, it made me realize the weight of outer appearance on how one speculatively views I.

This juxtaposed to an audition I had earlier today where I was specifically told to wear NO MAKEUP. Not a trace. The campaign they were casting is reminiscent of a deeper security I seek & fasten within my life. How I look is attached to how I feel… but how I feel is a deep well that echoes like a chamber at the riveted bottom. Inquisitive & asking questions, I prompt myself what does my projection mean in the grand scheme of existence today? It means love. Self-worth. Value for whomever I decide to be in this very moment between action, hair cuts, and beyond.

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