Grand of Father Reign/Rain: I.

In Gratefulness, I thankfully believe— that all is now, manifesting— & from your soul,  I discovered Thy Self in me, & I took to heart the Art of living… When I take a… Continue reading

A Series of Self: Kendra, pt. V

The motion of joy is the choreographer of my soul. Once open to arriving, I had no need to visualize a door. For, like the butter, I could not believe  that I was… Continue reading

Butterflys with Bandages

Time is a garden, bigger than we know… To pick all the weeds, I’m gonna need all my Hoes! 

Souly Now

The breath of my fire is doused in the clarity of your reigning truth> I fill my booth with kisses, that echo divinity forth, from mouths of sweet and knowingly undermined conditions containing… Continue reading


Rocking the book, and burning old ideals, Over-standing values, in reference, to heal.

Invocation of Soul, by Self

Dancing within the broken spires that speak of stones once frozen, I awake my knowing of compassion, and my ability to feel passion for the chosen. I am free from the self I… Continue reading

No Reservation(s):

Mind over matter, matters to The Mind–

Wailing Afternoon

With smiles amidst Joy, The Moon reigns down tears of recognition,  and messages written in indetectable noise. Sounds to gaze and see past,  a day dependent on haze.  I recount the communal blessings,… Continue reading

Illuminine (9), not Undermine 

I am who I am. I will always be this. One cannot stifle the creativity of their mind’s movement– nor shall I be distracted by a device made for machines, to make my… Continue reading

Watch Yourself, Learning

There is much more in play, than a villain or a beast. There is much more psyche, in a resolution than in a theme.