Once Upon A Time

There is a tale, About a King, Who made a castle, To fulfill His Queen. There is a tale, That starts like this… In the beginning, She was scared of kids

Sweet Love

Soundly…I watch myself pace around. I teach myself peace through moments profound, It took me a few moments of locating clouds, To realize the shadow is truly my light bound, To the context… Continue reading

Hatefully Dead

There is no such thing as love, It’s in-fact just a joke  Made to stir up humans From false gods who provoke, From the past tense of sincerity, I learn to breathe  Whilst… Continue reading

Rift LapseĀ 

It doesn’t matter. I am a bug, And it doesn’t matter. I am a word That nothing flatters. No one cares for me, Yet, I care for them. I am trapped in a… Continue reading

The Sun Greets The Moon

The gift of a God Or the bud born to Rose From the ashes Of Herself  Together, She chose; To be of Love, To be open to Source, To hug her companion On… Continue reading


Paranoia doesn’t even begin to cover it, but Pronoia is closer than a universe willing to fight against fate.  To be peaceful in transaction of energy is more whole & round than creating… Continue reading

Grand of Father Reign/Rain: I.

In Gratefulness, I thankfully believe— that all is now, manifesting— & from your soul,  I discovered Thy Self in me, & I took to heart the Art of living… When I take a… Continue reading

A Series of Self: Kendra, pt. V

The motion of joy is the choreographer of my soul. Once open to arriving, I had no need to visualize a door. For, like the butter, I could not believe  that I was… Continue reading

Butterflys with Bandages

Time is a garden, bigger than we know… To pick all the weeds, I’m gonna need all my Hoes! 

Souly Now

The breath of my fire is doused in the clarity of your reigning truth> I fill my booth with kisses, that echo divinity forth, from mouths of sweet and knowingly undermined conditions containing… Continue reading