Singed Aperture in G Major

the downtown abbey

of my glance

is beetles on my right,

a rimmed circumference

of wedged plants,

Directing morphed


relief that I can

bare my legs

at night.

I can welcome light


of “when is your next performance?”

“Do you have a plus one?”

or “Are you sure you don’t

want to have a drink on us?” •


Because I’m one with the Joneses,

all about acoustic and voice.

“of Always’ is a good representation

of prevailing talent as choice.” •


I’m a glad and ready bag of bones,

no doubtin’ Baby thinks of me,

when shuffling behind chords

wondering if it’s really me.

At last,

I display in the notes I roam,

my trust has indicated, “Come along.

I’ve found the rope home.” •

We’ve got much ado about everything,

and proceeding coulds to write.

Little Darling,

Here comes the sun,

when it’s nature

the rise overstands

tonal fright. ———


Event: A Night in Marrakech at Hotel Figueroa • featuring art by I. Alexander Feliciano • fashion by designer Mina Binebine

@mina.binebine @aumabstract @hotelfigueroa @happeninginDTLA

#DTLA #Art #Fashion #Friday #RedCarpet #LosAngeles #OOTD #SingerSongwriter #Artist #Musician #Poet #Ekphrastic #Poetry #Press #Expansion #Care #Write it #Up • #JoniMitchell #Blondie #Bowie 🎼

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