see that girl

there is a golden road,

celebrated highway,

between the dance ‘round the sun of night

and if you smile

shouts amiable to follow

the sunshine woven

catharsis of delight.

everybody poses

for flashes to glance

and diagonal jigs

to skip with grin.

a cross-section of a two-step

and the surroundings

noticing she’s with the awes again,

tarmacked with bright orange wands,

and cascading-dealt-with luggage,

if you look over there

with the right kind of eyes,

you may hear,

“she’s walking down

the line, tucked back

yellow hair.” •

*chuch* “over.” *end quote*

thank you for hosting me @eZwayBroadcasting at the Golden Gala Awards 2019 benefiting @CHOCChildrens Hospital. It was a beautiful evening in Orange County. Photos by @GettyImages •

#eZWayBroadcasting #GoldenGalaAwards #CHOCChildrens #OrangeCounty #Benefit #Gala #GettyImages #Photos #KendraMuecke #Poetry #Poet #Writer #Singer #Songwriter #GoldenRoad #RedCarpet #Aww #Oz @bsquaredmgmt

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