Wizard of Awws Programming

“Now, I know I’ve got a heart,

because it’s breaking.” — The Tin Man



my 2nd book will be officially published this Friday, 9/13.

In honor of the release of this long form prose poem dedicated to my expansion past & through subconscious mishandling, I will be clueing you in on a few themes present in the book. Enjoy today’s Wizard of Oz programming, tap your ruby slippers to the beat & whisper to self, “There’s no place like tour… I’ll get you, my pretty, one way or another.” •

🛤🤖👧🏻🦁🧟‍♂️🌇 •


Copies of this book are available on Amazon & signed copies via the ‘SUPPORT Kendra: Purchase her Works’ page of this website.

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