About the Coy in Hues Standard

She is the Bluest of roses and truthful to me. The Vivre to my Axel  of guttural Joie. She’s like the sound-wave  that caresses thought, Fills me with melodies and reminds me of dreams forgot. She’s like the trust I place in composer to play the hand instead of fold her. Like a letter I… Continue reading About the Coy in Hues Standard

Wizard of Awws Programming

“Now, I know I’ve got a heart, because it’s breaking.” — The Tin Man PROJECT NON-ARCH: 🦋 OPERATION CLOWN SCHOOL 🤡🏫 my 2nd book will be officially published this Friday, 9/13. In honor of the release of this long form prose poem dedicated to my expansion past & through subconscious mishandling, I will be clueing… Continue reading Wizard of Awws Programming

see that girl

there is a golden road, celebrated highway, between the dance ‘round the sun of night and if you smile shouts amiable to follow the sunshine woven catharsis of delight. everybody poses for flashes to glance and diagonal jigs to skip with grin. a cross-section of a two-step and the surroundings noticing she’s with the awes… Continue reading see that girl

Singed Aperture in G Major

the downtown abbey of my glance is beetles on my right, a rimmed circumference of wedged plants, Directing morphed shape, relief that I can bare my legs at night. I can welcome light conversation of “when is your next performance?” “Do you have a plus one?” or “Are you sure you don’t want to have… Continue reading Singed Aperture in G Major

field notes: slanted poetry, tales of provoken sound

{ 'Tis to be a flower, and so exact. Allowed to be alive and filled with fact - and once upon a theme, I found -- the craft - To be, To be, To be, Softly found on the brink of budding endeavors, whilst being two themes. } ___________________ Poem from book: “The Politics of”… Continue reading field notes: slanted poetry, tales of provoken sound


3 DAYS UNTIL “OF ALWAYS” EP 💿 by Kendra & the Bunnies streaming on all music platforms Friday, 9/6 !! 🔊 Penny Lane exhales from the corner of my bedroom opposite of Elvis. She flips Led Zeppelin IV over to its B-Side and runs her fingers along the tread of the record. She says to… Continue reading 3 DAYS UNTIL “OF ALWAYS” EP


STRAY GOLDEN There’s tragedy in the breakdown but foundation in my fingers. Moving up & down, transposed conversation, in the faith that decidedly lingers. The hues are clueing action and the traction tells of focal laymen, painted gold in dandelion amid exaggerated reason. The liberation of prosperous blessing stacks around ollied walls, and the movement… Continue reading STRAY GOLDEN

“Project Non-Arch”, pg. 19

Like Thoreau, I feel I took myself into the Wood. In my daydreams to come, I am covered in leaves and singing out loud. I am chanting a beat I am crafting with sound. Filled with the Heart of profound generosity, I reveal vulnerable characteristics that are the me composing. I also see the servitude… Continue reading “Project Non-Arch”, pg. 19

Eye Movement Reprogramming in Value of R.E.M ☰☲☱☲☰

And with my freedom bound in quick-wit and mirrored possessions, I carved etchings on stonewall. Must be something I can do when the taming gets bleak. When the love I seek, hears my valved skull, I go tourniquet in the knees. Removal of raven from tangled nest, led by carefully placed breadcrumbs back to its… Continue reading Eye Movement Reprogramming in Value of R.E.M ☰☲☱☲☰