Smarter Than The Average Elephant

Babar comes to mind as I try to avoid another conversation with an unavoidable human being. It is just me and myself, trying to figure out resent versus escape. Am I entrapped within… Continue reading

Colour The Small One

You can if you want. Sexi pic of ze day

Not 1% Sure

  Only a fool throws their own pity party.

Welcome to 7 Serenity Lane

Where true marshmellow love never dies #FranKenMer

The Manual: Waking Earlier, While Still Living Slower

She would rather stone herself (Literally, like in ancient times), than hurt a fly… or ruin someone’s aligned chakras

“Lying To Yourself: For Dummies”

1st: Picture your past and consider your future. Remember to realize exactly where you are sitting for this, too, is important. 2nd: Take a millimeter of a step back. Really look at yourself… Continue reading

An Attempt To Forgive

    I am working on my stability, and I am working on my growth. God, grant me the serenity to remain lit and still loafe… I will always stand there,  and pace… Continue reading


It disappeared when I called your name, I cried out for a junior cheeseburger, you called me insane. So, I stopped in my tracks, and  I withdrew myself, I could see through your… Continue reading

I believe in myths

I’ve come across a dead man, walking out the door, He carried a dagger and a plethora of common whores, I tried to look away from the fire of his hair, he appeared… Continue reading

The secret to givin’ a fuck

  :Replace fuck with free in your vocabulary