An Attempt To Forgive

    I am working on my stability, and I am working on my growth. God, grant me the serenity to remain lit and still loafe… I will always stand there,  and pace… Continue reading


It disappeared when I called your name, I cried out for a junior cheeseburger, you called me insane. So, I stopped in my tracks, and  I withdrew myself, I could see through your… Continue reading

I believe in myths

I’ve come across a dead man, walking out the door, He carried a dagger and a plethora of common whores, I tried to look away from the fire of his hair, he appeared… Continue reading

The secret to givin’ a fuck

  :Replace fuck with free in your vocabulary

Le Cheese

So, I’ve submersed myself into trying to understand the basic principle of existing, or, rather, living in general. It just does not quite make sense to me. I have this note pad; you… Continue reading

Magic Man

I try to understand, I do. I cannot.  We’re sharing it.  You can’t share it. It is mine. It is gone. I am gone.  Busy, loafing around .