Southbound For Trouble

The people I love are the furthest away, the furtherest away are the people I love

The Science of Sleepys

The Science of Sleep When I think about sleep and lack there of, specific memories from nights of forcibly chugging caffeine, cringing after swallowing each Adderall, and laboriously half-assing my way through strenuous… Continue reading

Dress Code Enforced

I am not someone who lies, but I am some who lies awake throughout the night The birds are already chirping.. There! OFF, lights, and, WINDOW, CLOSE. Please! Blinds learn to “Arrr” like… Continue reading

Escuchéme: Plants are self-conscious too

Since the origin of natural sin, there has been the need to cover up one’s true inhibitions and private parts with greenery. In the beginning, the only private parts of one’s body were… Continue reading

Smarter Than The Average Elephant

Babar comes to mind as I try to avoid another conversation with an unavoidable human being. It is just me and myself, trying to figure out resent versus escape. Am I entrapped within… Continue reading

Colour The Small One

You can if you want. Sexi pic of ze day

Not 1% Sure

  Only a fool throws their own pity party.

Welcome to 7 Serenity Lane

Where true marshmellow love never dies #FranKenMer

The Manual: Waking Earlier, While Still Living Slower

She would rather stone herself (Literally, like in ancient times), than hurt a fly… or ruin someone’s aligned chakras

“Lying To Yourself: For Dummies”

1st: Picture your past and consider your future. Remember to realize exactly where you are sitting for this, too, is important. 2nd: Take a millimeter of a step back. Really look at yourself… Continue reading