You wanna be low for this

I acknowledge the duplicates of myself… The weakest and shallowest is deathless with me, What I do and say the same waits for them, Every thought that flounders in me the same flounders… Continue reading

Listen hear, dear

I lied

My Swimming Pool is Full of Syrup

I have this bubble and I won’t let anyone in I choose people out of Pringle canisters  and I still expect them to erase my sin From their memory and from their thoughts… Continue reading

My 2 Cents Makes Perfect Sense

Trippers and askers surround me, People I meet, the effect upon me of my early life or the ward and city I live in, or the nation, The latest dates, discoveries, inventions, societies,… Continue reading

Then, She Was My Little Friend

It started with that knowledge. That feeling where you know life is about to greet a new level. it was going to be wonderful. Full of laughter and Fun. Fear and lust ,… Continue reading

Shall We Be Mad?

The Founding Father of Psychoanalysis                         Freud’s thoughts on personality were based on his Psychoanalytic Theory about the idea of the unconscious mind slipping into an individual’s conscious reality. In this theory… Continue reading

Kills 99.9% of Germs

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which an individual has panic-provoking thoughts that persist throughout the day. These thoughts will not go away, causing a person to have an unhealthy obsession

Over The Hump Day

“Success is best revenge” When I say revenge it means many things. I feel the need to triumph over others who have deeply hurt me in the past… People whose actions have caused… Continue reading

Night, Silly

SONASA (noun) a phrase made popular by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on “The Simple Life” the actual meaning of the word is still unknown, but its fun to sing in an annoying… Continue reading

Southbound For Trouble

The people I love are the furthest away, the furtherest away are the people I love