Visualizing where I dream to be-

Whilst being there

is a mighty, mighty thing.

To stand on the teeth of description,

while maintaining my own integrity,

and learning to form a formation of foundation,

where my flow of knowledge

may develop into a stream.


I speak of illusions

that present themselves in farace.

I fear being replicated,

but then forget mine own

egotistical remarks–

To forsake my ship,

is not the same,

as blowing past echoes,

that whisper “Refrain.” 


I am as powerful as the oceans

that receive the current of light

that breathe inspiration into my lungs

and subconscious reflection,

I view above night.


“As Above, So Below!”

I bellow without fear,

Whilst creating a cradle-

I don’t need,

to mask an invisible tear.

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