Manifest Destiny

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Hybrid Cars: A Paradox

I keep a crystal ball in my pocket—

for emergency purposes, you see…

For if I ever forgot it, it would seldom be beneficiary—

to any situation,

or circumstance of rhyme,

I do it to remember,

I’m never trapped in any single frequency of mind.

I fall upwards,

in silhouettes of mixtures of scented pine.

I burn leaves to warm the elder traditions of all shaped kind.

On a walk,

through my memory,

of a past lane,

I saw bumpers on the tracks,

helping me bowl a better game.

I thank myself quickly—

Well, thanking above, of course,

but sometimes, somehow,

I then generate the feeling of remorse…

For who am I to get a free pass from the hippy at the back door?

Lucky or greedy for setting up my own mental reward?

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