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A message should remind us that humanity’s grounding root of truth has always been the same, and even though symbols change, the essence of it does not- if we are going off the basis that: time is elastic & all perspective is dependent on relativity, then we cannot say either of these 2 symbols is right nor wrong, because there is only now, so neither symbol can be identified as the original or as the imitation. The trick is to see the similarities, not the differences. Truth is truth, and we know it in our hearts either way. The ankh & the cross both represent the same thing (4 parts leading to a center of now). Divine creation comes forth through 4 main parts: the presence of the source/God, the sun/son, the nut/seed/Earth Mother/dust, & the vehicle of conscious understanding that is the human body.  — different times call for different interpretations because the nature of life is to change & to express its uniqueness in reaction to that pending change. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents, I accept both to be true. I like to share my opinions. 

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