The forest is calling,

and it is so,

the woods call often,

but I ignore the phone-

Technologically speaking,

& technically, in-fact,

I retrieve information from the source,

whether it is Wikipedia or exact-

I asked the butler a few times,

but he spilt the milk on me,

he may have been full of answers,

but was too busy crying.

Speaking out loud,

most tongues ring untrue,

I assume, my anatomy book was not lying,

when it called the Bible untrue.

For who would lie,

about the citation of their prophecy?

When there is concentration of awareness,

Masses may fall ill to fallacy.

“Spread the Good News!”

I could bellow it for eternity-

From deep within my internal sun.

But I guess,

we all have better things to do,

than sit around,

and discuss where we are from.

For example, we could play a quick game of Life,

and then the winner could buy us all ice-cream,

or we could go on a jog,

while singing in harmony.

I’ll call it a day,

I’m grateful for that,

My mind can now unravel,

and ripple out to contact.

four score
four score

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