Living: The First Six Lessons

To be, or not to be—- to act or………… to stagnate

Advice for all:
I hate to be cliché but the best thing you can do is: know yourself, TRUST yourself, be CONFIDENT in yourself [x infinity], & to meet your creative self halfway there [a lot of the time, my ‘actor self’ shows up to perform 100%, but ‘me, myself, Kendra’ does not put in the effort & time for preparation needed] I have learned the hard way that no matter how talented or emotionally gifted I am as an actor, I cannot fully inhabit the soul of my character if I do not do my work/memorization.
You should prepare your audition material fully (or as much as time permits) & then go through each beat & personalize each moment, making specific choices that connect your own life experience with that of the character’s. — but you know this already, so I guess my best advice is: check your baggage at the door. In-fact, before you even walk into the building, leave all your nerves, frustrations, & anxieties about yourself in the car- disconnect the actor side from the you side (if that makes sense), so that when you go into the audition room, you are only bringing in the side of yourself that reflects your light-hearted & peaceful personal energy. If you check your personal ‘baggage’ at the door, then you essentially become a blank slate/ firm foundation for your character to then build on. Easier said then done. I also HIGHLY recommend the book: “Acting: The First Six Lessons” by Richard Boleslavsky . It’s such an interesting approach to explaining how acting is the process of discovering yourself within the world & discovering the world within yourself. It’s an amazing read.

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