Eye Movement Reprogramming in Value of R.E.M ☰☲☱☲☰

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And with my freedom

bound in quick-wit

and mirrored possessions,

I carved etchings

on stonewall.

Must be something

I can do

when the taming

gets bleak.

When the love

I seek,

hears my valved skull,

I go tourniquet

in the knees.

Removal of raven

from tangled nest,

led by carefully placed


back to its perch.

Collecting ticket stubs

in authority of self-value,

I’m a honey and the bee.

I’m a musician who

sells all their merch.

See, success has to do

with unveiling of each step.

Taking pleasure

in the reclamation of walk.

From spoke palo concessions,

Lyrical couplets that bounce

around the 27th chamber

of artistic shared projection.

It’s the turn-key

of the bones

of my fingers

casting shadow

in the scuffled

sprinkler of light.



its sources.



its sources,

but always

recalling to

lock the door

behind my book-end.


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