A broad in the audience,

floating as shell

that gutted its hermit

& sent it to sell.

The last time I woke,

in a turn of events.

The mercy of my God

was bigger than

choral resentments.

A bobbing appetite

for squandered shoals,

a standing testament

of woman on time with notes.

The house of my God

was bigger than my amends,

convulsively asking about

patterns versus trends.

Two dividuals,

loving tooth by tooth.

Take me down,

let’s walk to Duluth.

A stalk covered mirror,

adjacent to sleuth.

A walk with ease—

I offer fruit.

Discretion of a 20-some

is something she must sign

forth in colored tri-tipped alphabet,

our oath to open wide.

Not quaint or wrong.

Left & buoyed turns,

I step out strong.

No London Dry for me tonight

or anything in-between.

I’d rather guzzle & gander

our game of tabled tens,

a fiend for your eyes

on me.

* Photoshoot inspired by Grateful Dead, Europe ’72 Tour

💀🥀 • 🇬🇧🌈🍦👞🌍


* I wrote this poem while at a taping for AmericanIdol – Hence, the double meaning of A.I. •


* Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs @onyxroseimages. It was a treat working with you today. •


#1972 #RecordStore #Bertha #PennyLane #London #SteppingOut #GratefulDead #EltonJohn #AmericanBeauty ready to #Land – #Singer #Songwriter #Musician #Poet #Writer #Blondie #GDF #RainbowFamily #SpiceGirls #Photography #RocknRoll #AmoebaMusic #AmericanIdol #Hollywood sometime after #SunsetBlvd @gratefuldead & @amoebahollywood 🌬💫 ♾

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