Watch now, Watch Free, View me explode. Tune in, Turn out, And prepare to reload. Create space between your fingers and grasp for the group, Don’t mention the colors you obtain for proof. Lie there, Lie still, Countless suspects foot the bill. Running red, The negativity spreads, The house becomes drenched in one, tiny threat.… Continue reading October


I am Kendra, & this is so–— I bellow it deeply & repeat costumes from my drawer. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My well of emotions is from the whole of my control— I find it odd to label what is not of one’s own— Then why do I claim the words as mine known— when in actuality it… Continue reading Ж

A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. V

The motion of joy is the choreographer of my soul. Once open to arriving, I had no need to visualize a door. For, like the butter, I could not believe that I was the Homeowner and also, the Key. Oh! How foolish it would be! To be matter of fact! To be like a deck… Continue reading A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. V

To Love with Disinterest

Dude, Ethical Jesus, My Man! In Paul’s Eyes, ethical behavior is to live each moment of one’s life striving to follow foot-by-foot behind Jesus and act as he acts; Paul sees morality under the terms of what God has made capable for us to achieve through the sacrifice of His son. God sets forth a… Continue reading To Love with Disinterest