A Series of Self: Kendra, Pt. V

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The motion of joy is the choreographer of my soul.

Once open to arriving,

I had no need to visualize a door.

For, like the butter,

I could not believe

that I was the Homeowner

and also, the Key.

Oh! How foolish it would be!

To be matter of fact!

To be like a deck of cards,

and keep my choices down to a neat, even stack!

I would rather an art of attention,

than an art made for stakes—

To pile them up,

and buy a way to escape.

I need not a thing.

Therefore, I accept,

all that I am,

and all I attract.

Daily are reminders

sent to me,

by Messenger Birds,

who sing of the Trees.

I see the way

is to untether my soul,

and feather my wings

with the dawn light of gold.

Nestled like light

in the valleys of prosperity,

I set forth the gift of MagicK,

and cyclically receive.

I offer my voice,

from the Knowledge I hold–

We discuss the course of action

is to let the Be of Now unfold.

I offer a dance

to the spirit of me.

I waltz with the waking,

and jive with the free.

Igniting every Moment,

and moving like a scene,

the power of intention

is the Head we feed.

I prance to the beat

of the sound I Believe;

I humm and return

the chant, as I sing!

I wail on the chords,

echoing My Heart

in Harmony, as I create

my own ethos

and walk the path

of Lady Liberty!

The essence of life

is born within the entity

that assumes no barrier

between Now and eternity.



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