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The breath of your eyes runs along the slope of my nose, And the hopes of my thoughts drown under the stance you composed. On the tip of a tongue, you created ice… Continue reading

Therefore, I am.

What a novel idea to look into my eyes, What a novel idea to walk circles in disguise, What’s a mirror filled with fog, when there’s water to clear it? What’s a nose… Continue reading


Watch now, Watch Free,  View me explode,  Tune in,  Turn out,  And prepare to reload,  Create space between your fingers and grasp for the group,  Don’t mention the colors you obtain for proof, … Continue reading

Black Square

The air hung thick upon our perspiring bodies. A long day, to say the least; after hours of frolicking deep within Eleanor Tinsley Park, our feet dragged as we followed the seemingly endless… Continue reading

I Love School Buses

I can feel the humidity bubbling underneath my new polyester jacket. Suddenly, the coffee stain from this morning’s breakfast did not seem to bother me as much. I could care less about my… Continue reading

Something Over Nothing

Under siege, marked a girl, surrounded by mirrors. She sat inside the dimly lit room and stared at the mirrors. As the candle steadily melted, she sat in the corner, staring at the… Continue reading

Penny Lame: The Prequel to New Age Wasteland

Recently, I was asked, “Do think there is hope for the future?” An ambiguous term to throw around the dinner table, future, I pondered. The word had never bothered me before. The future… Continue reading

Stand next to my fire

Prometheus, Bound to Suffer: Examining The Continuous Repetition of Human History In relation to the early Grecian cultural attitude towards expanding one’s intellectual mind, ancient Greeks encouraged the contemplation and speculation of human… Continue reading

Start to end to start to end to start to end

Tessellations, by M.C. Escher: The Remix “For me it remains an open question whether [this work] pertains to the realm of mathematics or to that of art.” – M.C. Escher   Combining the… Continue reading

To Love with Disinterest

Dude, Ethical Jesus, My Man! In Paul’s Eyes, ethical behavior is to live each moment of one’s life striving to follow foot-by-foot behind Jesus and act as he acts; Paul sees morality under… Continue reading