Jus Langin' around
Jus Langin’ around

Watch now,

Watch Free, 

View me explode, 

Tune in, 

Turn out, 

And prepare to reload, 

Create space between your fingers and grasp for the group, 

Don’t mention the colors you obtain for proof, 

Lie there, Lie still, Countless suspects foot the bill, 

Running red, The negativity spreads, 

The house becomes drenched in one, tiny threat. 

A damper of laughs, A taker of scenes, 

Close your eyes, Convert the team, 

Behind your lids, View sets of the sun, 

See running trees, searching for young. 

Watch the blade create a little nic, 

Bleed out your words till the community accepts, 

Not old, not smart, not right, so you adjust, 

Not creative, not electric, not perfect enough, 

Now follow my lead, and be conscious of things, 

Slowly bow down and be fearful of kings, 

Knelt at the bottom of the throne, 

Give all your power to the forever unknown, 

Nothing but a number, nothing but a tale, 

Set your boundaries and get ready to scale, 

The fence, the grass, the changing reflection, 

The red, the blue, the desired correction, 

Real eyes, realize, your unreal lies, 

Now flip back and see nothing but hope, 

Now accept what you are, to them your nothing but a joke, 

If reality holds truth, I’d regret to admit, 

Why play games with judgment? Nothing in return you’ll get. 

Now focus your line, 

Now forget the time, 

Listen here, Listen now, 

Stop acting for the crowd, 

Be true, Be right, Expose your crown, 

Find yourself where you left it in October, 

Throw your arms in the air, 

And realize it will never be over.

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