Junk for Joy [God’s Spies in Voice of Gilded Constituents]

Fear is not super great. Something I write to on lonely nights, Asking it to fill in blanks. It’s not something I rock back & forth to; teeth holding handkerchief in hand. I’m soaked in mucus & crying like a caterpillar who awoke minutes before wings burst forth to break shell, break form. A gestation… Continue reading Junk for Joy [God’s Spies in Voice of Gilded Constituents]

God in the sky with Diamonds

Although the historical facts concerning the existence of Jesus Christ are highly debatable, the controversial topic of whether or not Jesus was resurrected from the dead remains questionable and is still relevant in debates held today. Historians studying the New Testament must be mindful of the discrepancies many feel towards claiming the resurrection of Jesus… Continue reading God in the sky with Diamonds