Lady Justice: Wake Up in the Late Afternoon

If truth is this & I am that- what is matter, when dependent on fact? If belief is knowing that you know that you know- then why waddle in doubt, yet feel comfort… Continue reading

Panorama’s Box

In such quarters, we plant & water with the words of Me, Sing, to sing of our inevitable horizons, thus sprouting forth into a land of liberty! I may turn, to turn, to… Continue reading


Suffocated in a jar, The fog pushes down on my limbs, I become a tiny spec on the inside of your arm, and a piece of art from within, I don’t see the… Continue reading


If you’re waiting for the light, then you’ve already missed the tunnel. If you’re struggling for the truth, it’s just self-breed denial. I’ve never lost myself in a crowd or inside a store—… Continue reading


I write to release the past I assume is me- I write to recover false descriptions of integrity.   Shall I embarrass myself by being to be- or underwrite the script that my… Continue reading


I am Kendra, & this is so– I bellow it deeply & repeat costumes from my drawer.   My well of emotions is from the whole of my control– I find it odd… Continue reading

It is Windy Outside the City

On nights like these, I think what is it to be free? An abnormal response, or a predetermined destiny? I’ve been to the skirts of our lands of time, and I’ve retraced many… Continue reading


I often ask myself, How many pages are left? In my book? From my pen? Are things to be different, if they can’t stay the same? Past Barstow, due West— I lost track… Continue reading

Channel 11, Parallel News

I write for you, in moments of time, I fill in the mad lib, & ad lib most theoretical finds— I purchase a thesaurus, So I can tell you, all the ways thoughts… Continue reading

The Pulley

Motions move through my skin like sea bound repercussions. —To obey who art within— … How to scribble the words of a madman speaking on point, through mouths of recreation & subjects of… Continue reading