New Age Wasteland

Recently, I was asked, “Do think there is hope for the future?” An ambiguous term to throw around the dinner table, future, I pondered. The word had never bothered me before. The future… Continue reading

Seal of the Fatigue

I say it again: Turn Off, Tune Out, and Drop In If we don’t… Who will? Turn Off the Television, Tune Out the Illusions, And Drop Into Solution

Parliamentry, Watson

I think, I thought, I remembered yet, but quickly, quite soon, Well, I just… simply forget.   Whilst mid-saunter, You see, I rambled on through, The dusk, quintessential, to forsaking the truth.  … Continue reading

Whilst in the Fiction of Skeletal Measures

When lost within my gazing time, Still I stare, though you, you burnt light, bound to be delicate, decadent is thine To be of dust and guitars, did he even fight? Sense from… Continue reading

We Should Wake Up

Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop In— put your peace signs up, bunny ears to the sky

¿Dónde está mi cabeza?

It was a concept, Just a thought, To become organized, not stuck between motive and plot –so, I welcome you, to my hood, ——->My Writer’s Block

on 288, headed toward the loop

These are the breakers, straight paper makers, foolish be the people, who just plain hate us. waitin’ with weight of the chip on my shoulder, you askin’, “get out”, when I pull ova.… Continue reading


I thought about it today; I don’t think about you much anymore. huh.

Tell Me About You

You seem really specfic, interesting to say the least, when I get caught up in movements, I recall the stillness of your speech, Must I keep writing, or should I end it now,… Continue reading

it really makes you think

Sporty Spice never complained about having to wear a sports bra.