Illuminine (9), not Undermine 

I am who I am. I will always be this. One cannot stifle the creativity of their mind’s movement– nor shall I be distracted by a device made for machines, to make my… Continue reading

Watch Yourself, Learning

There is much more in play, than a villain or a beast. There is much more psyche, in a resolution than in a theme.

The Dreamer’s Lament

It looked strange when I first found out my hands were made of dust, feathers & dust, dusty moments are hard to trust, this is true, but where do we find ourselves? The… Continue reading

The Butterfly Effect

Life is something that can never -truly- be caged and bottled. Something holding no familiar territory, yet it can be sold in seconds, with just a glance. —–> … Thoughts trickling towards a stream of pastimes… Continue reading

A Peaceful Treaty

no need for an alter ego, let that go, no longer is defining a limitation.

The Autumn [Winter] Queen

Creation of space, Creation of sound, Creation of who, Creation of now, Relation to me, the birds see how. Look into the eyes of a forgotten frown. Welcome to Pleasantview, Welcome to noise,… Continue reading

Will, Son!

Radiant is thou, wafting through the forest, I remember the time we pranced around fellow tourists. I judge when I live, so I think while I breathe, I dislike a taste for negativity,… Continue reading

New Age Wasteland

Life is a paradoxical state of mind— A state, in which, one can simultaneously experience a sense of inner-connectedness and communion with others, while also, experiencing a sense of solitude through the natural… Continue reading

Ode to Dancer

Pauses & stops, plus maintaining grip, moments arriving, bliss in movement! When along with the music, a dancer, She glows, with a sense of eased time, and a depth of unknown. Calm and… Continue reading

Number: January 3, 2009

Fleeting acceptance, make me your witness, force me close with the arms atop your eyes. Correct my mould with the fingers from the sky. Reverse my order, and “Repeat machine.” Look in my… Continue reading