Totemed up Freestyle

Sitting on a plate, like a notion or a nod, sprouting forth & through, as our cars drive us to their jobs. It is odd, I think, pondering about a desk- whilst reading… Continue reading

Living: The First Six Lessons

To be, or not to be—- to act or………… to stagnate


Just to be x infinity, Let it be held, by motion, within me.

Don’t Call Me, Surely

I am glad I did not wear make-up today [also see, warpaint].

Staring at a Wall

Black Square The air hung thick upon our perspiring bodies. A long day, to say the least; after hours of frolicking deep within Eleanor Tinsley Park, our feet dragged as we followed the… Continue reading

To Be the Mold & Shape of Form

To take on the process of existing, or to ignore my responsibilities- the question follows me everywhere, everyday- asking, constantly, that I make a decision, whether to take action, or to remain stagnant.… Continue reading

To Be Birds of a Feather

The question prevailing life, a question of who’s free, the existence or lack thereof, is it worse to be or not to be? Is a saint to subject himself to sitting silently, while… Continue reading

Made in Same

  Must we understand irony, or shall it be just a game. Some think I am ignorant, some think, insane; however, opinions are onions with an extra letter, and I have forgotten how… Continue reading

That’s What She Said

to live, to breathe, to spread the will to succeed!


The breath of your eyes runs along the slope of my nose, And the hopes of my thoughts drown under the stance you composed. On the tip of a tongue, you created ice… Continue reading