It seems to me

She occurs in

medium of walking,

thus more than an

ethereal energy

taking names

among trees.


And yet, alphabetically,

recitation takes

connotation of recital;

it bends and pliés

within foiled plot,

questions stories

told over fire in lot.


She seeps to me;

Her liquid words

in fickle fascination

of talking tall orders

of sighted sound.

Poetically precise,

She writes,

“What now?”


I pause spiritual photograph.

I snap and continue.


It seems to me,

She occurs in

medium of singing.

Trust, I do more,

than echo

condensational trance,

for I am beyond apparition

hovering in mist—

I am the score She inhabits.



Aspirational outing to see Chuck Sperry’s art exhibition this evening. Meaningful art most often inspires ekphrastic poems from my pen. ‘Ekphrastic poetry’ is a mode of reflecting on the “action” or “game” of a piece of art, and thus, expanding its story into furthur realms of imagination. This poem builds on a theme grappled of late in my writing work; the idea of being Walking Huesera, the bone lady, to be self of musical muse. This is also building on the themes of trees talking to one another through ghosts. Berkley was an awesome show, so it was cool to see this rainbow foil print for Ghosts of the Forest on display. We are art on display.


Much love,


B.B. Goode


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