The Resonancy

I’m waiting in all

hubs & disregards

in calculated

melodic minors.


I’m raising up

my arms in stakes,


as patience

spins in place.


A tousled murmur

and mimicked tease,

they turn as I,

the questionably healed,

follow through.


For who would fardels bear?

To rehearse & practice,

a lonesome knight

falls in time with moon.


In deservance,

I plead to God,

hands outstretched

in clasped surrender.


My voices peel

layer atop

of shroud,

‘set her up & then play her.’


For who would

wake a love,

to let it go



The pleading returns,

tears at my knees,

I’m prone on the floor,

out of body,

I begin

to get back

to begging:


“Lead me too.

There is where,

I hat my song

& sing-a-long,

the ground of

successful shared peace.


The creation of self,

my fingernails grow,

so I may carve them

on fretted matter.


Make a beautiful day

out of my chiseled nose,

send me to where

there is held space of soul,”

She flatters.


A popped match,

you wink round corridor,

so She waits

as rabid habit on display.


Hops & wobbles,

truthful cobbles

reshape & supersede



A filed patient

signed in at the front boudoir,

wearing a bow of gestured,

“Let it be;

one day,

my prints will dry.”


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