For the past three years,

I pandered my energy

with submission to pranks

and large bass from muffled speakers.

I went Gonzo in the crowd,

but never made myself

scribble down my prophetic speeches.

Many a gospel spoke

from the distant closeness

of a dance-floor

or from a temple of Healing,

dimensionally speaking,

from the consciousness of

society’s co-collective definition

of the “American Chore.” •

I still question my own

reasoning for joining such a cause,

to bring back the 1960’s

without breaking any existing laws.

Statutory was the history

of a country made in vain;

originally founded

for representation

of every civilian’s

democratic rights,

but now derailed

by the players

of a distorted game

filled with the contorted

desire for fame.


Here’s me at 16 soapboxing about the counterculture during “Culture Fest” at my high school. 🙄✌️. Peace Matters.

The poem is from my book, “Project Non-Arch: Operation Clown School”, available for purchase now on my website [] under the ‘Writing & Books’ tab. Book is set to be release in September.

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