May we treat with sacred medicine. 

To out as mind that is to open—
To receiving and forgiving
the as of assumption. 

Fill up my cup with retreatment and knowledge to trust fate
in forgo to function. 

To follow the clues of originating hate, 

To realize thou existence
as a complete humanscape. 

To halt waiving and stalking, 

Leaving nothing to be in.
On foot, 

in brightness 

is illumination. 

To hold the record and hold the lights, 

To close thee eyes and relive the nights. 

Now, write it in stone and carve it in wrists, 

Wash from the blood 

and scratch on the list. 

Surround yourself with Air, 

and mind your canon,
Let free your flaws, 

To impress the depression. 

Watch the splash from 

Above the Bridge
—instead of from the water, 

Remember in sweetness, 

The Earth is the Mother 

of the Daughter. 

Allow perception’s door
to rejoin its hinge,
because life is not linear,
and pain is mirrorly [merely] a reflection. ———————————— 

For if life is worth nothing, 

should not one simply rejoice? 

Forth simple will become one 

with the oxen in your gin, 

and change towards the sun 

is better than where’s been.


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