I focus my intentions on manifesting destiny. 

I remember, I remember – –
What clarity my eyes can see;
I am fruitful in my efforts,
and forgive all happening of thee. 

I put efforts towards the sunny mountainous goals— from flow through all
My spirit of music sent through
My soul. 

I listen strongly to my heart; 

Confidence in that
that trots through the Wood 

of said hill of a mind
of which made to do good. 

I love unconditionally all that is all. 

I see rays of sunshine float through all
my fellow blithe human eyeballs! 

I am alive – –
I remember what to do.
I am confident. I am brave;
I remember to follow through. 

Like the guidance of my own,
I am joyful in my actions that convey 

I am alone to the bone.
I am invisible to thought’s core.
I am strong among cells of abundance

 that Hydrate and Cure.
I radiate with blissfilled energy.
I am Rainbow.
I remember.
I can see; I am free. 

I am concentration. 

I am; I am.
I am cleansed of all past. 

I delete the past tense 

and create a path 

only I have ever known. 

For see,
I heal.
I banish all meanlessness.
I am awake; I answer the call. 

I walk through walls,
as I am invisible to all. 

On dimensional commandings, 

I make my decision 

allowing space
the form of precision. 

A viewable library 

is within,
I move to Colorado; 

I am Joy in Action !! 

[8/31/16] • New Moon in Virgo 

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