I allow space to relax.

I allow space to grow.

I am thankful for this allowance.


I bask in your love.

I bathe in your admiration.

I drip the honey of muse.


I create my reality.

I sing my song.

I am grateful for its ring.


I live in my dreams.

I dream in my life.

I am hopeful in thus exertion.


I divine my own steps. 

I step by divine.

I am made in the image of.


I am light amidst darkness.

I am the darkness that breaks up light.

I am betwixt spoken agreements. 


I accept the way things are.

I am the way I accept.

I heal by trade and tribulation. 


I am talented in expedition.

I am explorative in tradition.

I forsake expectation and opt for visualization.


I am in love with my counterpart.

I am in love with myself.

I am my other side.


I grasp concepts of gravity.

I float with the stars. 

I sit and talk with you,

my space to relax. 



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