The Long and Winding Path

Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge; Commerce City, CO

Many people say, take the path of least resistance, and I have to say to a certain degree, I agree. 

A lesson that really sunk into my thick skull recently was the lesson of ‘will of the universe’. In spirit’s planned course, all things have been mapped. Energy has a blueprint on what it is aiming to achieve. 

Similar to an outline for an essay, the universe has a set of bullet points on what is to happen on each day’s course, and overall, time’s course. However, this method of madness can take on many faces. 

By example, let’s take the outline for an essay approach again. If you gave the same exact outline to the whole class of students, even if each student was essentially getting at the same point, each essay would be inevitably varied. The essay would vary on the individual writing its content. 

Thus, we take this further into energy dynamics, the main points of my life: my goals, aspirations, past experiences, traumas all funnel down into this present moment. How I react is how I interpret the outline. 

That being said, the universe will accomplish what it is to accomplish. Ever hear the phrase, ‘what will happen will happen’ or ‘it’s meant to be’? Well, my most recent lesson learned is one of relief. PHEW! What is to be will be, my part is to put in the preparation, the work, the joy, then have faith in grand spirit to bless. 

Admittedly, I used to be a rebel without a cause, I reveled in defying common sense just to get a kick. I tried endlessly to one-up the universe. I took a path containing bits and pieces of resistance peppered throughout. Rearing its frustrated head, it pleaded me to stop, look around, and see. To see that, there is a difference between a salmon swimming upstream and a salmon deciding it will swim sideways. To swim upstream is to be unique, and if for the right reasons, it is not rebelling; it is creating. But, I was a salmon swimming sideways, working tireless, paddling my fins back and forth, getting nowhere. Like taking a dog on a walk on a treadmill.

As I grew (Thank God): I first, forsook the need to rebel, because I was no longer seeking outward attention. No longer a beggar for validation. 

From there, my perception was able to clear up enough that I saw, ‘Oh, boy! It is easier to do what is best for me. I can stand in a unique paradigm of thought and still have action. What I presumed was action turned out to be a method of treading water.’ 

Third, I found that the surprise of experience is the foundation of joy. I set myself up for success, and, in-turn, that potential success now has a path to meet me. When I remove my desire to resist what is going on in and around me, then spirit can do its work. 

Take the road less traveled, because it’s your own. Take the path of least resistance, because it’s the way you’ve always walked home. 

Much love,


Today’s musical inspiration:

Greyhound Rising by Trey Anastasio


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