Grand of Father Reign/Rain: I.

In Gratefulness, I thankfully believe— that all is now, manifesting—

& from your soul, 

I discovered Thy Self in me, & I took to heart the Art of living… When I take a Breath, I, now, recede——

to the initial barriers that determined the farm from the country. 

To be of fruit that grows from Truth’s vine, 

to be of a root that resounds throughout time– For, in your eyes, I witnessed the portal of Thy soul; 

I saw the Thee within—

forsaking my necessity for control. 

In the wake, 

I rise from my stone once in gold:

brushing of such shoulders,

that we were told to grow old. 

I tell myself in seconds,

of minutes in rhyme, 

to allow my best intentions to surface, 

naturally, sourcing Kind.

I was running with the bridges,

I thought to burn & meld;

I was vicariously living through

the Milton I felt.


Happy Grandfather’s Day to my ultimate Soul-Guide – I love you more each & everyday, Grandpa. I echo my soul, you gave. 

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