Fixed Sand

Here nor there!!! It holds no matter- till it’s changed into thoughtful pattern, if I hold the spade, then where’s the joker? I suppose the Earth is asking my card be turned over.… Continue reading

Sweet Orange, Deep Blue

In thy chambers, I peer amidst constructive meaning, I care for those lost,  I care for those deceiving. I walk in dignity, & this is so. — “on forth, to the rhythm!” yells… Continue reading

Fluffy Bell-Bottoms

kings become jokers, when a hand is a hand, dealt through dual recreation, fatality lurks & casts shade forth on today’s land, without permission or regards to thy man, shadows lead individuals to… Continue reading

but this remains

†  ╳  ☥  =  ⌘ [click on title to read more]

Let There be Words

The forest is calling, and it is so, the woods call often, but I ignore the phone- Technologically speaking, & technically, in-fact, I retrieve information from the source, whether it is Wikipedia or… Continue reading

Totemed up Freestyle

Sitting on a plate, like a notion or a nod, sprouting forth & through, as our cars drive us to their jobs. It is odd, I think, pondering about a desk- whilst reading… Continue reading

Living: The First Six Lessons

To be, or not to be—- to act or………… to stagnate


Just to be x infinity, Let it be held, by motion, within me.

Don’t Call Me, Surely

I am glad I did not wear make-up today [also see, warpaint].

Staring at a Wall

Black Square The air hung thick upon our perspiring bodies. A long day, to say the least; after hours of frolicking deep within Eleanor Tinsley Park, our feet dragged as we followed the… Continue reading