One more grave, I am done

  The fool is me; It is not you. I promised to stay selfish; it was the only promise I followed all the way through. I self-prophesied to be much at an age so… Continue reading

Act Pretty

Light headed and eager, to see something I cannot see, The epitome of a loner, “THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME”, But the ego greets — and tackles the only light left in my soul. I… Continue reading

âme noire

That is  a l l

Lamp unto my feets

My Mission: To teach, conquer, and calm the mind’s of others throughout the world, who feel as if their voice and thoughts have no potential to lead them towards becoming strong passionate thinkers… Continue reading

ethics on life and stuff

Curiosity Killed The King: Macbeth and Aristotle on Ethical Principles The presence of established truths within a society is central to evaluating the moral structure of a human being. Through the process of… Continue reading

This is only the beginning

Although there is no concrete evidence that William Shakespeare, an English Renaissance poet and playwright, read and formulated his characters around Aristotle’s thoughts on ethics and moral character, one can assume he understood… Continue reading

Barbecue chips for breakfast and lunch

The Dead Are Ahead Grateful For Community, Communication, and Celebration I want to travel back fifty years to the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show; sitting in my light blue lawn chair… Continue reading

I try

    BUT I GET So nervy-ous


We were going to sit there and be As we loathed the ambition We saw miles ahead We figured to keep on loafing Until we encountered Dead Looking for something to feed us… Continue reading

Love and Haight

I am You