Souly Now

The breath of my fire is doused in the clarity of your reigning truth>

I fill my booth with kisses,

that echo divinity forth,

from mouths of sweet and knowingly undermined conditions containing youth–

Howling at the projection,

of the grand Gemini new moon,

I melt into my highest self,

bringing fruition into my being,

and unleashing the will of my soul to bloom.

A season of success,

remains a seasonal dish of choice,

that I positively recycle,

and cyclically ignite by expressing

my beauty filled voice–

The echo of my shadows,

was unveiled at the root

to be patterns: 

A temple of my heart,

directed mindfully by the motive of my actions-

Forming from the source of tranquility, my intention provides the matches>>

I use continuously,

to remind my body of its passions~

~ I dance ~ I sing ~ 

— I act with all thankfulness —

•}}I dedicate my existence to my highest greatness{{•

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