Invocation of Soul, by Self

Dancing within the broken spires that speak of stones once frozen,

I awake my knowing of compassion,

and my ability to feel passion for the chosen.

I am free from the self I constructed,

out of the plastic of used spouts,

I feel the elasticity of my muscles,

as my choice ignites the composition of a destiny disguised as a dream I hung up to dry on my shelf.

To dust off my boundaries,

I see the limitations for the presumption they once did project,

I witness the comfort of thus, surrounding my circumstances in jewels of illusory themes of debt.

To owe not a nickel, 

but only the sense of my dual depth,

I disentangle my notion of a signature within a multidimensional contract,

penned by the hand of thine own words in text,

and signed atop the surface of my own cedar wood adorned desk. 

Rise to rise,

I burn the cents we need to connect,

by co-creating artificial realities that expose the exploration of the goddess of death.

We gather in colors,

to shade in the lines our ancestors protect,

We are woven together,

to create the shared tapestry of social and locational context. 


I speak in the truth of Thanking You. 

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