Live in the Light with Lauren Davidson

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Lauren Davidson is unconventional, inimitable, and unmissable. Blending New York City vibes with the rich tones of Contemporary Country Music, she has created a genre all her own, and audiences and critics just can’t get enough. 

Genre: Urban Pop Country Fusion, 2 minute read

1. What got you into the music business?

My dad was a singer songwriter and music has been a part of my life my entire life and music is my biggest passion. I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 

2. What’s your favorite part about working in music?

Connecting with new people. I wouldn’t know so many amazing people if it weren’t for music! 

3. Who are your favorite bands and influences?

Grace Potter, Stevie Nicks (and Fleetwood Mac), Carole King, Shania Twain, Maren Morris to name a few.

4. If you could meet any musician or songwriter, who would it be and why?

Grace Potter or Stevie Nicks. They’re so badass, have a way with worlds and have experienced life. 

5. How has this past year changed the way you all approach music?

It forced me to refocus and forced me to learn how to do many new things myself.

6. Do you have any upcoming projects or events we can watch out for? Where can we get more info?

I’m in the process of releasing and 6 song EP throughout the course of this year.  All songs were written and recorded in 2020 after the pandemic hit and are snapshots of my life and emotions during that time. 

7. Words you live by…

Soak up every second, Appreciate the small things and live in the light 

8. Where can we follow you on social media? YouTube? Where can we listen to your music?

Instagram: @laurendavidsonmusic

Twitter: @laurendamusic

Facebook: Lauren Davidson Music


Listen to Lauren’s New Single – Live In The Light :

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