Working on the novel/memoir… Here is a taste, Enjoy. •

Like tears sweating out my pores, it is the sodium-licked voice that whispers to my cerebellum, “You should not work on writing your novel in public or on an airplane, for god (for)sakes! In-fact, you should not even write it at all, because someone, somewhere, may be listening to your thoughts; they would most certainly steal-away your dedicated efforts, transcribe any and all metaphors you use, take and shake ideas you create and events you divulge. They would run off with your identity before you even knew. They would make a clone out of you, write your book before you finish it, take everything and sell it back as retexturized hate. You would buy it too, because there is something you need. Something that is not you. That something is what was you, but you decided that expressing your creativity was more important than listening to me, your Iced-Discretion, call me ‘Id’ for short. I contort. Thus give me all your freedom, I’ll put it in this weighted box and toss it in the river, never to deliver. It won’t be long til you are just a memory.” Dice fall across a glass table, and I hear myself, the healer within, beg to stand up against the tar-throated wind.

— “Friend of the Level”, a novel/memoir by Kendra Muecke •

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