I woke up from the dream-boat,

The one that held only me and you,

But when I woke up,

I did not wake up next to revelation,

Nor did I wake up to you.


I was asleep in a bed,

disguised as a casket.

It was filled with my lame attempts

to stay grounded–—


And when I finally awoke,

You had thithered once more.

I found that I had been stripped of dignity’s aspects.

I had been reduced to a silly bore.


I was deep in a sleep that required two.


You left me to swim

back to the shore,

Where earlier,

together, we made promises,

To never stop searching

til we discovered more.

But you misplaced me in the crosses,

not even polite enough to yell, “Fore!”


We did not think to bring reality,

And we did not remember to bring sight;

We wanted to find the purpose,

But I guess one decided on fright (basically).


And so I awoke, my lungs gasping for air!

Looking within me,

I saw nothing,

But dust and guitars.


#Darkness my old #Friend – #Moon #Shadow #Shakespeare #MidsummerNightsDream #Justice #BruceHampton #SydBarrett #Octopus #Poetry #done ♇

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